Saari Residence Summer Well 14-15th August 2015

Read a summary of the Saari Residence Summer Well event 2015, where artists, researchers and other experts gathered at the Summer Well this year to discuss the themes of localism, mobility and residencies: http://www.koneensaatio.fi/en/tapahtuma/summer-well-2015/

Artists for the Loviisa Artists' Studio for the next two years.

An international group of curators, chose the visiting artists on 15.10.2015 for Loviisa Artists' Studio for the next two years. Complete 43 of high standard applications were received from 17 countries. The artist residency's themes for the next years include in addition to visual arts, performance- and dance arts, also research regarding the collaboration of modern arts and science. The people chosen are photographic artist and semiotician Madis Kats from Estonia, visual artist Erki Kasemets from Estonia, performance artist and researcher Carmen Wong from the United States, dance artist Tatjana Andreeva from Norway, and visual artist Nikolai Vasiliev from Russia, visual artist and animator Lilli Krööt Repnau from Estonia, painter Margus Lokk, and graphic artist Kelli Valk.


Roberto Canedo Balboa

Spanish photograph artist

September - October

GSM: 046 563 8132

E-mail  canedobalboa(at)hotmail.com

Open Studio on Thursday 17th September 2015 at 17-19


Aðalheiður Ólöf Skarphéðinsdóttir

(with Lárus Jón Guđmunsson)

Icelandic artist



gsm  +354 861 6565

E-mail  askarphedinsdottir@gmail.com

Halldor Ulfarsson

Icelandic artist


June - July

Studio +358 19501162


Open Studio on Wednesday 17th September 2015 at 17-19

Anarchist instrument-building workshop and concert on Loviisa Melo-Night Festival Saturday 25-26th July 2015


Ahto Eller

Estonian visual artist


December - January - February

Gsm +37255587166

E-mail ahto.eller (at) gmail.com

"Piste FI - Point FR", exhibition in gallery Maire de Neuville-sur-Saone, France on 28.4.-22.5.2015


Taavi Suisalu

Estonian artist


March - April - May

Gsm +372 5566 4862

E-mail hello (at) taavisuisalu.com

Vieno Motors performance on 28-29th March 2015 in Anakoq II events in Art Space SIC Helsinki

Open Studio on Thuesday 21th April 2015 at 17-19

Open Studio II on Wednesday 27th May 2015 at 17-19

Concert on Loviisa Melo-Night Festival on Saturday 25-26th July 2015

Akende lummuses/I am NOT sitting in a room, exhibition in Dragoon Gallery Tallinn 30.6-18th July 2015

Photo: c/ Kati Rapia

Elina Titane

Latvian ceramic artist


September - October - November

Gsm +371 48 72 94

E-mail elinatitane (at) gmail.com

Solo exhibition ”Celā” at the Preiļu tirdzniecības centrā, Latvia 09.11. - 07.12.2014


Veiko Klemmer

Estonian artist



Gsm +372 55 614 155

E-mail veiko.klemmer (at) gmail.com

Exhibition at the Tartu Kunstimaja suur saal 8.4-3.5.2015


Kylm Lumi

(Riina-Ingel Keskpaik)


Estonian artist

Gsm + 372 53 458 959

E-mail kylmlumi (at) gmail.com


Andres Väiko

Estonian artist


January - May

Gsm + 372 537 706 22

E-mail anders.vaiko (at) artun.ee

Exhibition at the Gallery Saltbodan Loviisa 12.5.- 1.6.2014


Pärt Uusberg

Estonian composer



Gsm + 372 5201982

E-mail partuusberg(at)hormail.com

Ohtu ilu kahele koorile ja keelpilliorkestrile


Lalla la Cour, Moa Asklöf, Joel Degerfeldt

Danish and Swedish circus artists


July - August

Gsm + 4561668794

E-mail mail (at) lallalacour

Photo: c/ Tuomo Kuusi


Karl-Kristjan Nagel

Estonian artist


April - June

Gsm + 372 5 740 9571

karlnagel (at) email.ee

Exhibition at the Saltbodan gallery on 3.6.- 23.6.2013

Anna Maria Saar

Estonian jewellery artist


January - March

Gsm + 358 0468915097

E-mail kellaviietee(at)gmail.com

Open Studio on 23th march and 25th March 2013


Lotte Teussink

Dutch visual artist


September – November

E-mail  info (at) lotteteussink.nl

Open Studio on 24 - 25th November 2012

Reality expanding, autumn rising


Meiu Münt

Estonian visual artist


July - August

Gsm + 372 5173939

E-mail meiu.m(at)hotmail.com

Exhibition at the Saltbodan gallery on 6-26th August 2012


Þorfinnur Guðnason

Icelandic director and documentarian

(1959 – 2015)




Ilze Emse

Latvian ceramic artist


April - May

Gsm  +371 26431569

E-mail emse-g(at) inbox.lv

Exhibition at the Galerija Mākslas telpa Suṇa taka no 20.6.- 21.07.2012, Jelgava, Latvia


Maria Kórvits

Estonian composer


November - March

Gsm  +372 5012101

E-mail mkorvits(at)gmail.com


Eda Lóhmus

Estonian visual artist


September - October

Gsm  +372 5 665 3435

E-mail eda(at)edaade.com

Open Studio on wednesday 19th October at 17-19

Olivia Parmasto

Estonian visual artist

November - December - January

Studio +358 19501162

GSM: +372 5806 7702

E-mail  olivia.parmasto at) gmail.com


Open Studio on Thursday 11th November 2015 at 18-20

Exhibition "Introduction to Paradise" at the Tartu Art House 19.11-13.12.2015

Photo: c/Tuomo Kuusi

Photo: c/ Kati Rapia

A New Partner for the year 2016

Kone Foundation is a our new cooperation partner:



Loviisa Artists' Studio - 20th anniversary exhibition

Art Collection exhibition at the Alm Culture House in Loviisa

Artists: Renee Aua, Estonia. Aiwars Benuz, Latvia. Laila Bogustova, Latvia. Merike Estna, Estonia. Albert Gulk, Estonia. John R. Havener, USA. Anna Hints, Estonia. Bruno Kadak, Estonia. Margareta Kirchner, Spain. Veiko Klemmer, Estonia. Aimar Kristerson, Estonia. Lauri Sillak, Estonia. Triinu Lille, Estonia. Anna Litvinova, Estonia. Peteris Martinsons, Latvia. Priit Pajos, Estonia. Eda Lóhmus, Estonia. Olivia Parmasto, Estonia. Anna-Maria Saar, Estonia. Olafs Savelis, Latvia. Sigitas Staniunas, Lithuania. Imat Suuman, Estonia. Sigurdur Thórir, Iceland. Elina Titane, Latvia. Pärt Uusberg, Estonia. Edgar Viies, Estonia.

Exhibition is Open 14.1. – 19.3.2016, Wed –Sat 12–17 (FREE ENTRY)

Organizer: The town of Loviisa

Director: Jaana Toivari-Viitala

Curator: Jouni Jäppinen

Exhibition design: Olivia Parmasto



The town of Loviisa

Kone Foundation - #rohkeatekijä

Arts Promotion Centre Finland

Svenska Kulturfonden


Olivia Parmasto

Open Studio on Saturday 30th Janyary 2016 at 14


Vieno Motors - an anarchistic flower shop art event

Saturday 9th January at Krinti

Artist Ilona Valkonen with Vieno Motors crew charmed the people at Helsinki Art Museum during Oct 2015 with anarchistic flower -installations and -accessories. Vieno Motors starts this year with guest artists Olivia Parmasto and Beniamino Borghi. Now you have a once in a lifetime chance to experience this awesome art event in Lovisa at Krinti:




Madis Katz

Estonian photograph artist

February - March

Studio +358 19501162

GSM: +372 5561 7283

E-mail  madis.katz (at) gmail.com

Open Studio on Thursday 24th March 2016 at 18-


Erki Kasemets

Estonian multi artist

April - May

Studio +358 19501162

GSM: +372 5615 6555

E-mail:  erki.kasemets (at) gmail.com


Erki Kasemets

Open Studio on Sunday, in the 15th of May. Everyone are welcome to the open studio, when the studio is open already from the morning on (Forum, Brandensteininkatu 13). You can see works that Erki Kasemets worked with in time of residency. In the same day, about 16.00, takes place also a walking-performance Uniform, which begins at the Market Square and leads to the bastions. Finally on same time, Erki will make it known the actual number of Loviisa market square stones.

(The number of stones of Loviisa market square was revaled yesterday at 16:00: 71 273 pieces).

Read more for Open Studio and performance here: https://ollilaasanen.wordpress.com/2016/05/16/erki-kasemets-performance-art-day-in-loviisa/


Carmen C. Wong

Conseptual performance artist, researcher


Studio +358 19501162

GSM: +44 (0) 7754966358

E-mail:  cwong (at) alumni.nd.edu

What are some of the practices of home-making and creating belonging? Wong's work at Loviisa Residency will explore the uneasy intersection of nativity and nomadism using the material languages and sensory experience of the kitchen, and her own embodied experience of residing in the residency space. The research is a response to how the practice of building a home is constant, physical, everyday, and choreographed, and closely aligned with identity-construction and future-making.

     The central and familiar domestic space of the kitchen becomes a metaphor for the homes, cultures and national identities we inhabit and the systems and orders that govern these beliefs of how to be in place and in sync. How might Loviisa residents participate, intervene, welcome, disrupt/interrupt or make more comfortable Wong's existence in this space and time? At the open studio, Wong will invite ideas for the various ways the public may be able to communicate these interventions, and also share their thoughts and objects on how a space becomes a home. 

Open Studio on Thuesday 7.6 at 18:00

Tatjana Andreeva

Norwegian dance and performance artist

July - August

Studio +358 19501162

E-mail:  andreproduksjoner@gmail.com

Tatjanas' first performance can be seen at Loviisa contemporary art festival:



The Loviisa Contemporary Art Festival

See details here:

Loviisa Contemporary


See Tanjas latest dance performance here: https://vimeo.com/178815974


Composer for the summer 2017

In 15th August the Loviisa Artists' Studio international curator group has chosen composer Evelin Seppar for summer 2017 visitor artist (June-July-August). Evelin Seppar (b. 1986) started composing at the age of 15, studied with composer Alo Põldmäe for 4 years before entering the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre on 2006. There she studied composition with René Eespere and received a Bachelor's Degree in 2010. During the academic year of 2008/09 she studied composition with Ole Lützow-Holm at the Academy of Music and Drama, University of Gothenburg, as part of the European Exchange Programme Erasmus. She completed her Master's degree cum laude at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre under Toivo Tulev and Helena Tulve in 2012 and is currently living and working in Tallinn. Evelin has written for solo instruments, various ensembles, solo voice and choir, orchestra and electronics and made different arrangements. Her biggest works so far are the operas Teine and Icarus. Under her studies she has participated in Master Classes with Erkki-Sven Tüür, Tapio Tuomela, Ole Lützow-Holm, Isabel Soveral, Lasse Thoresen, Veli-Matti Puumala, Marco Stroppa, William Brooks, Michaël Levinas, Oschar Bianchi and others. She has also participated in workshops with Helsinki Chamber Choir and Latvian Radio Choir. Her music has been performed in Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Netherlands, Sweden, France, Germany and U.S.


Nikolai Vasiliev

Russian visual artist

September - October - November - December

Studio +358 19501162

Gsm. +7 911 288 81 73

E-mail:  nikolay-vasilyev@mail.ru


Open Studio on Saturday 8th October 2016 at 11:00-18:00

Loviisa Street Gallery

Friday 25th November, to the rest of the year

Artists: Heli Rekula, Janne Lehtinen, Ilona Valkonen, Kati Rapia, Pia Sirén, Frida Hultcrantz and Nikolai Vasiliev (St.Petersburg)


Photo: c/ Lodewijk van der Ree

Drawing: c/ Creative Peak Sanna Nylén

The Kone Foundation is a Loviisa Artists' Studio partner in the following years 2017–2018



Lilli-Krööt Repnau

Estonian visual artist (animation)

January - February - March

Gsm. +372 5343 3918

E-mail:  lilli.repnau AT gmail.com

Just look at, how the Lilli's 4000 picture drawn animation evolves:


Open Studio on Wednesday 1th February 2017 at 18:00-

Margus Lokk

Estonian visual artist

April - May

Gsm. +372 5657 6696

E-mail:  mlokk55 at gmail.com


Open Studio on Thursday 20th April 2017 at 18:00-

Open Studio II on Thursday 18th May 2017 at 18:00-


Evelin Seppar

Estonian composer

June - July - August

Gsm. +372 5340 0806

E-mail:  evelinseppar (at) msn.com

Open Studio on Friday 25th August 2017 at 17:00-20:00


Kelli Valk

Estonian graphic artist

September - October - November

Gsm. +372 5564 4961

E-mail:  kellivalk (at) gmail.com

Open Studio on Saturday 21th October 2017 at 13:00-14:30

The visitor artists 2018 – 2019 were chosen

The Loviisa Artists' Studio has chosen today 12.10.2017 the visiting artists for the next two years. The choices were made based on applications and by invitations in co-operation with the local artists association Loviisa Contemporary.

The following artists were selected:


Maia Sørensen and Mirko Lazovic (Denmark/Serbia/Netherlands)

Lena Stenberg (Sverige/Sámiland)

Mary Coble (USA/Sverige)

Alvaro Campo and Gaston Bertin (Spanish/French)

Linda Emily Al-Ghussein and Fabian Olovson (Sverige)

Ilar Gunilla Persson (Sverige)

Benjamin Schmid and  Ursle Schneider (Switzerland)

Belgasmi Rochdi (Tunis)


Belgasmi Rochdi (Tunis)

Vera Boicova (Russia)

Lucine Talayan (Armenia)

Stav Meishar (Israel/USA)

Diana Arce (Dominica/Germany)

(Backup: Virge Loo (Estonia), Sander Saarmets (Estonia), Alexandre Paulavitch (Libanon)


Kucku TransFolk 2018–19 L(A)UNCH & Open Doors


Tervetuloa Kucku TransFolk 2018–19 -festivaaliohjelmiston esittelyyn Loviisaan vierasateljeelle keskiviikkona 10.1.2018 klo 12–14. Tarjolla afganistanilainen pop-up-lounas 8 euron hintaan. Vuoden ensimmäiset residenssitaiteilijat Maia Sørensen ja Mirko Lazovic kertovat taiteellisesta työstään.

Keskustelu pääosin englanniksi, tilaisuuteen osallistujat voivat käyttää omaa kieltään.

Tapahtuma on avoin kaikille, tervetuloa!

Ilmoitathan ma 8.1. mennessä kommenttikenttään, mikäli syöt lounasta.


Välkommen till presentation av Kucku TransFolk 2018-19 festivalprogrammet på Loviisa Artists Studio på onsdag 10.1.2018 kl 12-14. Afghansk popup lunch tillgänglig till priset av 8 e. Maia Sørensen och Mirko Lazovic, de första residenssartisterna 2018 berättar om sina konstnärliga projekt.

Diskussionen är främst på engelska, deltagarna kan också använda sina egna språk.

Om du vill ha en lunch, vänligen registrera dig i kommentarfältet gärna redan på måndagen 8.1.


Welcome to the presentation of Kucku TransFolk 2018–19 festival programme at Loviisa Artists' Studio on Wed 10.1.2018 at 12.00–14.00. Afghan pop-up lunch available for price of 8 e. Maia Sørensen and Mirko Lazovic, the first residence artists of 2018, are present to talk about their artistic work.

Discussion mainly in English, participants can also use their own languages.

If you wish to have a lunch, please register on the comment field at last on Monday 8.1.



Maia Sørensen and Mirko Lazovic

Denmark/Serbia/the Netherlands

January - February

Gsm: +45 531 506 51

E-mail:  powerpondusprojects at gmail.com, mirkolazovic at gmail.com

Kucku TransFolk 2018–19 Checkpoint #1: Travelling:



Right now








See images and videos about Maia's visit

to a new local nursing home Harmaakallio:



(Maias and Mirkos residence visit  to Loviisa is also supported by the Danish Art Council)


Lena Stenberg


March - Aprill (Three periods: 1.3.-16.3.2018, 1.4.-30.4.2018 and 1.12.-15.12.2019).

Gsm: +46 (0) 78-35 83 79

E-mail:  lia.stenberg at gmail.com

Welcome to participate Lenas' two NOMAD WORKSHOPS:

Part of Kucku TransFolk 2018–19, Checkpoint #1 Travelling Contemporary Arts Festivals.

Space: Loviisa Artists' Studio, Brandensteininkatu 13, Forum

Thursday 12.4 and Thursday 19.4


Boodi Kabbani



Gsm: +358 45 1139914

E-mail:  kabbani.boodi (at) gmail. com

Boodi Kabbani is a Syrian born performing arts manager with a young career in acting for theatre and cinema. Boodi's work concentrates on research about gender identification within different cultures. During his residency Boodi is interested to meet people and other artists to share opinions and thoughts about masculinity and gender identity.

Everyone is welcome to take part in the Boodi Kabbanis presentation next Friday at 18:30–20:00.




The summer and early autumn artists' are Linda Emily Al-Chussein and Fabian Olovson from Sweden (June - July) and photograph artist Ilar Gunilla Persson from Sweden (August).

In September will come back Lena Stenberg from North Sweden. Artists and their works can be seen at least in the following summer events:

The Restlessminds 9.6.2018 at 18:00; Linda Emily Al-Chussein and Fabian Olovson (Sweden) Sauna Club (Sauna Obscura) with disco on boat harbour pier. The Restless Minds performances Objects Have Feelings Too- can be seen throughout the city during July and August.

Open Studio 8.-9.9.2018 at 11:00-17:00 at Loviisa Artists’ Studio (Konstrundan); Ilar Gunilla Persson (Sweden). God Love Pride – exhibition in the Loviisa church 7.8.-9.9.2018. Breakfast Opening in the church on the morning 5.8. at 10:00. (Full day program in the church with performances and the artist's talk for example about the local war memorials)

Gallery Saltbodan 1–2.9, 8–9.9, 15–16.9, 22–23.9 and 29–30.9.2018; Lena Stenberg (Sweden). Nomad- installation. At the Boat harbour

The rainbow clothes line 25.–26.8.2018. A community art performance by Ilar Gunilla Persson and Heidi Lunnaba.

More artists, events, photos, detailed information and timetables can be found from TransFolk Kucku 2018–2019 info base: https://goo.gl/rBY9oA

In co-operation whit The City of Loviisa, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Kone Foundation and Loviisa Contemporary Society.


Linda Emily Al-Ghussein, Fabian Olovson, Skilla and Pelinor

June - July

Gsm: +46736873004 (Linda), +46737002627 (Fabian)

E-mail:  linda.al.ghussein@gmail.com, ensnoid@hotmail.com

The first summer visitor artists Linda Emily Al-Ghussein, Fabian Olovson and they kids Skilla and Pelinor (RestlessMinds) from Sweden have settled on the artists studio and started quickly their art work. During the summer, their performances like "living home equipments" can be seen around the Loviisa city. Linda and Fabian was awarded last year by the Merita Foundation's Young Artist Award (see the link below).

See more RestlessMinds artists family great art here:






Open Studio on Wednesday 18.7.2018 at 18:00-19:30


Welcome to the Loviisa Artists’ Studio to listen about Swedish art-duo Restlessminds’ project ”Objects have feelings too”. The group’s multi-artistic piece consists of an installation, textile arts, sculpting and performance, which will all be exhibited in the Loviisa area amongst its people, as assisted by six Swedish quests. By incorporating a detailed pre-compiled scrip with spontaneous performances, Restlessminds is reaching for new experiences and diverse ways of communicating art in interaction with its audience. (Photo: Restlessminds living trash can in action).


The Restlessminds group Linda Emily Al-Ghussein and Fabian Olovson, as well as the next visitor artist Ilar Gunilla Persson will appear in the next Peace Forum weekend 4–6.8 at various Kucku-events and also exhibitions in Loviisa. Please see the detailfull program here:



The activities of the Loviisa Artists' Studio are supported by the following parties:

The City of Loviisa

Kone Foundation

Arts Promotion Centre Finland


Ilar Gunilla Persson



Gsm: +46 76 225 87 14

E-mail:  ilargunilla at gmail.com

www: http://www.ilargunilla.com/


God Love Pride, a project about LGBTQIA persons who have grown up or have a background in a religious community. Many have a hard time coming out in a often closed world where their sexuality or being is connected to guilt and shame.

This project is an ongoing project. If you are an LGBTQ-person with this background and would like to participate in the project send me an email ilargunilla@gmail.com


Lena Stenberg


March - Aprill (Three periods: 1.3.-16.3.2018, 1.4.-30.4.2018 and 1.12.-15.12.2019).

Gsm: +46 (0) 78-35 83 79

E-mail:  lia.stenberg at gmail.com

Nomad Installation at Saltbodan Gallery Loviisa

In September weekends 1.-2.9., 8.-9.9., 15.-16.9., 22.-23.9. ja 29.-30.9.2018

Kucku TransFolk 2018–19, Checkpoint #3


Ursle Schneider and Benjamin Schmid


The Pataphysical Institute Basel - the science about imaginrysoutions – particular but at all nonsense

September - October

Gsm: +358 41 799 4569

E-mail:  umoontour@gmail.com


to two Pataphysical events in the Ubu Mobil bus on the Loviisa market square on Friday 2.11...!

UMO collection disappears in time...

09.29-14:34 schools present 'Pataphysics

18:06 start "open UMO stage“ in participation by local Artists

Face: https://www.facebook.com/events/177947553138139/ 


Diana Arce

Germany (Berlin)

December - January

Gsm: +49 179 633 46 31

E-mail: darce at visualosmosis.com

www: http://www.visualosmosis.com/about

Check Your Privilege! Meeting and one-day workshop 3.2.2019 at 12:00–17:00, for artists

Genocide-day event in Loviisa Church on Sunday 27.1.2019 at 18:00

Rückstande, a live performance by Diana Arce

Open Studio - Diana Arce Artist Talk on Wednesday 12.12.2018 at 18:00-

(Loviisa Artists' Studio - Forum, Brandensteininkatu 13, Loviisa)


Photo: c/JR Blank

Vera Boicova

Russia (St. Petersburg)

February - March

Gsm: +358 40 361 0132

E-mail: veraboicova at yandex.ru

www: https://blackboxhead.weebly.com/about.html


Wellcome to artists lunch on Tuesday 12.2. at 12:00-13:00 in the restauran Bella to meet artist.


The theme for the coming year 2020 is "Wapping-Residency"    

For the last, as well as this year, the focus is on contemporary art, done in collaboration with the Loviisa Contemporarys’ TransFolk Kucku festival. Next year's theme (2020) is the so-called “Wapping-Residence”, for which we have called older and more major career artists to Loviisa, most of whom are Swedish, with family roots in Finland, usually from several generations back.

    We like offer them free time and peace, so that they can come to terms with their longing for their roots, while staying in Loviisa. Next year's curator is a sculptor, Jukka Vikberg.

The activities of the Loviisa Artists' Studio are supported by the following parties:

The City of Loviisa

Kone Foundation

Arts Promotion Centre Finland


Vera Boicova - work is progressing

"At the moment I am working on a project called '8 tales of transformation', in which i explore the possibility of transforming personal and shared traumas into fairytales filled with digital ghosts, video-twins and puppets. It is an oldfashioned by nature but modern in execution piece influenced by an almost forgotten tradition of recording mixtapes to convey emotions, experiences and personal stories. Each song on the tape represents a story of transformation (be it in regards to gender, sexuality, mental state or other things), and each story in turn becomes a fairytale told by a variety of odd characters."

Welcome to Open Studio on Friday 22th March at 18:00-19:30

'8 tales of transformation' is a video/live performance that explores the possibility of transforming personal and shared traumas into fairytales filled with digital ghosts, video-twins and puppets. It is an oldfashioned by nature but modern in execution piece influenced by an almost forgotten tradition of recording mixtapes to convey emotions, experiences and personal stories. Each song on the tape represents a story of transformation (be it in regards to gender, sexuality, mental state or other things), and each story in turn becomes a fairytale told by a variety of odd characters.

Lucine Talalyan


April - May

Gsm: +374 55 717085

E-mail: lucinetalalyan at gmail.com

www: http://queeringyerevan.blogspot.com/

"The Lost female Stories" on Wed 8.5. at 17:00-18:00 and Mon 13.5 at 11:0–12:00 in the Loviisa city library. Live translation by Tatiana Vasilyeva. (Address: Kuningattarenkatu 3).

Attention! Lucine wants to see old photos, so take your albums with you!

Stav Meishar


June - July

WhatsApp: +1 (917) 355-1847 (Please text, don't call)

E-mail: stav.meish at gmail.com

www: http://www.theescapeactshow.com/welcome.html

The artist's performance will be seen at the TransFolk Kucku festivals on Friday 5 July at 10:00.

(The performance might not be suitable for children).

More information of the festival: https://www.facebook.com/events/800531607008074/


TRANSFOLK- exhibition

in Alm Cultural House on 4.7.-29.9. Tuesday - Sunday at 12:00 -17:00

(Brandensteininkatu street 3, Loviisa)

Art works of all the residence visitor artists of Loviisa Artists' Studio between 2018 and 2019, including works by local and domestic artists and the results of many workshops done in local schools around Loviisa.