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International artists in residency project 1995–2021

The city of Loviisa is located by the sea, only 90 km east of Helsinki. Founded in 1745, on the grounds of the Degerby cavalry estate. Loviisa is today well known for its fortress history as well as for its old wooden houses, shipping, marina and for example Jean Sibelius. The Loviisa Artists’ Studio is the oldest all field of artists in residence program in Finland and it was originally established of the organized by the local professional artists in 1994, from which it has been part of the international cultural activities of the city. Near 150 artists, writers and composers have worked at Loviisa Artists' Studio since Jaunyary 1995.

With the Loviisa city economic rebalancing program, the City Council requires In July 2020 savings of € 10,000 from the Loviisa Artists' Studio residence program. It means the city's self-financing from the project will end, which is a condition for all granting external financing. The situation seems to be that the residence closes the doors at 31.12. 2021, after 27 years operation.

Thus, we will no longer accept new applications for next years and all of the curations activities for the years 2021–2023 has been also canceled. This site, like the FB site, will also be phased out by the end of the year. Due to Covic-19 pandemic, we are offering an opportunity only for already selected "Wapping" artists to come to Loviisa at the same time next year, if the pandemic situation  allows it.