Over 20 years of international artists in residency activity

The city of Loviisa is located by the sea, only 90 km east of Helsinki. Founded in 1745, on the grounds of the Degerby cavalry estate. Loviisa is today well known for its fortress history as well as for its old wooden houses, shipping, marina and for example Jean Sibelius. The Loviisa Artists’ Studio is the oldest all field of artists in residence program in Finland and it was originally established of the organized by the local professional artists in 1994, from which it has been part of the international cultural activities of the city.

    The Artists' Studio is open for the artists of all the fields as well as to the music, writers and art researchers. We are given normally first priority all ways for young Baltic and Nordic artists. Artists selected by the international curators group, which includes local professional artists association Loviisa Contemporary. The residence is free, with little money grant, that the artist may secure well the stay in Loviisa.

     Next time we are looking forward to it free applications for 2020 theme "Wapping-residence", before the end of September 2019.

    The artists can arrange lectures, courses or alternatively donate to the art collection of the town a high-quality work of art which will be placed in official institutions like the town hall, high schools, library or the hospital. The studio activity does not require any obligatory social commitment.

Loviisa Artists' Studio

Photo: c/Restlessminds/ Linda Emily Al-Ghussein & Fabian Olofson